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Tax and Assurance Services

We provide fixed assets management, inventory management systems, design & implementation of internal control systems among other related services such as tax, audit and sundry assurance services.

Corporate Legal Services

Our legal team provides legal services such as company secretarial functions, Arbitration, negotiation, litigation, real estate management and such other legal services as may be required.

Information Technology Services

Our information technology services include data processing and management, IT based solutions for accounting, audit and internal controls among others.

Recruitment Services

We provide recruitment services to our clients ensuring that qualified and ideal persons are employed to fill the vacancies and meet the needs of our client. Our firm in line with the labour laws require that the entitlements and benefits of recruited staff are provided unfailingly.

Human Capital Management

We recognize that the most vital asset of any business or organization is its human capital hence we provide excellent human capital management service tailored to meet the specific requirement of our client.

Financial Services

We provide strategic financial management and Corporate restructuring initiatives to ensure that the returns on investment (ROI) of a business is not only assured at all times but grows steadily per annum.

Seminars and Trainings

The need for capacity building and retooling for any workforce cannot be over emphasized. Dhalion provides capacity building trainings for both newly recruited and existing employees to ensure that productivity of the workforce of our client is assured.


General Services

This includes general business ventures engaged in as and when needed by our clients such as procurement and supplies, facility management, business development advisory services, feasibility study and survey, real estate development and sundry services.